Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween in Hawaii

Trick or treating in 80 degree weather?? Must be Halloween in Hawaii. A pair of hippies, a 'fashionable' pirate, and a red neck headed out to Chinatown for 'Hallowbaloo' and joined the rest of the ghosts and goblins in Honolulu.  I spied a bloody Lady Gaga, Hawaiian 'tourists' in their cardboard convertible, swine flu, Michael Jackson (although not as many as I thought), Elmo, a bush, JoePa (Go Penn State!), jellyfish, Fruit of the loom, Tiger Woods, gingerbread man, and countless guys in dresses. Oh, and what would Halloween be without girls in their barely-there outfits? At least they weren't shivering in the cold like back in the East Coast.


  1. nice outfit! lady gaga, so funny. i wish i wouldve thought of that! but yeah so mom took my phone away again, i only get it on the weekends:( but anyways, halloween here was definatley the opposite, rainy and cold. but still fun! wish i was there! luv ya and ttyl. alyea

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time! (Karen H.)