Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven, or Haiku Stairs, is a trail elevating 2800 feet in 3922 steps. It is also forbidden to hike this. some lucky coincidence, we just 'happened' to arrive there at 5:45 AM, just before the guard got there. We ignored all of the 'Private'  and 'Do Not Enter' signs and scaled over a rusty fence to start the adventure. So far, so good. I thought we were going at a decent pace, when we suddenly got overtaken by group of people who were all wearing goves. Huh??? Oh, because the trail was so steep at times that you HAD to hang on to the railings (more like ladders at some points, because of the elevation), so the gloves protected your hands while gripping for your life. I just prayed that the metal bolts that were attached to the mountain were secure, otherwise I would be flying off that steep cliff. There was a number of plateaus where hikers would stop and rest and take in the view. At the top, there was a metal box which held a little logbook, where successful hikers signed their names. In our exhausted, delusional state, we willingly wrote down our full names for the whole world to know that we are trespassers :o) Oops.

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