Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Boiling Pots

On our recent visit to the Big Island, we decided to cross a waterfall stream at Boiling Pots, a series of swirling, 'natural Jacuzzi" pools in the Wailuku River. Although it didn't look too dangerous, we were cautious because we had backpacks of valuables that we didn't want to get wet. Kevin made it across, but of course when it was my turn, I slipped on some rocks and fell down the little waterfall. Even though I was OK, he jumped in just to make sure I got out safely. No damage done. We had a few laughs about it and continued to have fun at that beautiful spot.
Fast forward a few weeks, and I read news about a young man dying in the same exact spot that we had crossed. Apparently, at times , the churning water can suck people under and trap them in the underwater lava tubes.  He crossing the river with a group of friends, but they didn't see him fall in or drown. Turns out, someone dies in that area every year.. so sad.


  1. Geez...that's crazy. You better be more careful, Ness!! Good thing Kevin knows what a klutz you are and stayed close by...and even jumped in. Did you say "my hero" when he pulled you out? And then sigh? Haha.

  2. Actually, I think I did (or something to that effect) :oP