Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just Maui'ed

My loyal reader has requested that I update this blog. Why, thank you, faithful follower, I didn’t know you were there :o) Hmm, where should I start? I had an amazing 4 day trip to Maui a few weeks ago with the entire Capacio clan. It was chock-full of waterfalls, endless windy roads (See: Highway to Hana), gorgeous cliff views, and shopping! For some reason, everyone was on a spending spree…I think it was the fresh Maui air that did it. Some highlights include: the Olivine pools (with weird acid-like rock formations and a blowhole), 7 Sacred pools, Haleakala Crater (as my niece put it, “there are clouds up my boogers!”), black sand beach (black “rock” beach, if you want to be technical about it) and Lahaina (with the very impressive banyan tree). A popular bumper sticker kept telling us to: “Relax! This ain’t the Mainland!” Very true, indeed.


  1. hey tita!
    thanks a loot for posting up that horrid pic of me and mom pretending to b in danger climbing up all those rocks. lol but i made the best face :) ohh and who said that "there are clouds up my boogers!" . Leanne im guessing. haha

    love ya, lee lee

  2. Finally another post!! I hope this blog redesign means you'll post more. =p

    Nice pics.