Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Memorial Day weekend: My first time camping...ever! I mean the real deal.. tents, no showers, cooking on a tiny pot, digging out our 'master bathroom'. We hiked about 8 hours up a mountain, past the Aiea loop trail, with 35 lbs of gear on my back (can't complain, cuz the guys had at least 70 lbs on them) and collapsed in a tiny clearing, then set up shop. A surreal moment for me was laying on top of a ridge's plateau, with the white clouds rolling up and over the mountains like dry was so freakishly beautiful that it almost made me forget how thirsty I was (cuz we almost ran out of water by the end.. yikes). Our first stop after we finally got off the trail: 7-11 for 3 doughuts, 2 jumbo sized Slurpees, 2 Starbucks fraps, 2 Gatorades..for 4 people. $17 well spent.


  1. I like your story about your first camping trip. I can't believe you almost ran out of water. Crazy!

  2. I love the picture of you two in the tent. so cute! we miss you!