Thursday, April 23, 2009

Likeke Hike and Tantalus Drive and MOPEDS!!

Oops, I must combine the last two weekends into one post. Last, last Saturday we tried to do Likeke Hike..'tried' b/c we walked and climbed and got mosquito-bitten, but never found the darn waterfall at the end. The hiking book said "turn left at the coconut tree or right at the mango tree".. problem is, there aren't any coconuts or mangoes yet..ahh!! So we got lost multiple times. Very pretty though, of course. Leter that day, we took our rented Jeep Wranger through a "4WD" road (when I read the guidebook, I thought that was the number of the highway. It stands for FOUR WHEEL DRIVE road. Oh.) 20 minutes of rocks and bumps to go 1.5 miles to Hidden Beach. On the way out, we hit a ditch and the jeep was almost laying on its side. Luckily, Kevin has mad monster truck driving skills and was able to maneuver his way out.
Last weekend, decided to be adventurous and rent mopeds for the whole day. Went up a gently curving "Round Top Road", with very interesting trees along the way. That I could manage. Then, we thought we may drive up to Kailua, a lil town, by way of a coastal highway with narrow lanes. Umm yeah.. in Kevin's words "I am never doing this with you again". I guess I made him a little nervous when a car almost sideswiped me :oP But, but, that's what helmets are for!!

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  1. Too much adventure, I think. Be careful, Vanessa. Come back in one piece. =p