Monday, March 30, 2009

Trail Trespassing, Dole Maze, Shrimp Trucks, etc

We decided to do a "moderate to difficult" Laie Falls trail this weekend, and even though I was a lil wary (5 hours one way??!!?) it turned out okay. Sure, there was mud, slippery rock, and a measly worn-out rope separating you from a cliff at times, but otherwise very beautiful. It felt like I was walking through a fairy-tale story: one minute there were a thousand wispy pine trees, then a thousand large evergreen-like trees, then a desert stretch, next a corridor of bamboo trees, then rocky steps, then finally a waterfall with a green pond. That's Hawaii for ya. Later we found out you needed a permit to hike there.. oops.

Next up: a quick stop to Dole Plantation .. I wanted to do the leisurely tour on the Pineapple Express train but noooo.. we just had to run through the "world's largest maze" (cuz they were about to close) Shave ice at North Shore (long lines for that? I actually prefer ice cream). Watching people jump off a rock at Waimea Bay (it was freezing or else I would have done it too). And greasy garlic-butter shrimp off a truck (delicious!).
Next up: Walmart shopping (no wait, that's no fun.. I'll skip that part)
Till next time!!!


  1. Wow! You're hiking...but no cliff diving?!? Maybe next time. Btw, I love the black and white picture of Kevin.

  2. i love the black and white picture too!! im so jealous. all of your pictures are so beautiful! i cant believe you live there too!